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Saturday, February 22, 2014

You’re Out of Favors!
Or I went the extra mile for you, again.

Part of my job is being a social worker/taxi for tenants:

Early one morning I had driven a tenant to the hospital for some tests, with the promise to pick him up when he was done. I had clearly, repeatedly instructed him that THIS same door that I am dropping him off at, is exactly where I will pick him up later.

So when the receptionist called that he was ready to be picked up, I drove to the same door.

No dude. No surprise.

I called his cell phone, no answer.

I parked and walked into the lobby and hiked down multiple halls to a assorted outpatient offices and asked if he was there. Again, No dude. No surprise.

I called his cell phone, AGAIN no answer.

I drove to the back entrance of the hospital and repeated all futile efforts.

Of course, the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

Finally, the receptionist took pity on me and began making calls. Surprise! The man was still upstairs waiting for his discharge paperwork and stated that it would be an hour before they would actually release him.

Why the @@#$@# would you call your ride to come pick you up IF YOU ARE STILL ON THE SECOND FLOOR WAITING FOR PAPERWORK?!

The most frustrating part was hearing the man repeat, “It wasn’t my fault, there was glitch in the paperwork.” The concept that I wasted an hour hunting for him in a very large hospital, then waited out in my car for him to be brought down, wasn’t his fault! Aaarrgh!

Note to Men Out There:

Maybe I am being harsh, as a woman I have driven myself to and from various ‘procedures,’ such as root canals and biopsies, then drove home (all on my own), chased a toddler, cooked dinner and then danced around my home with a vacuum cleaner and did some laundry. The next day, I went off to work.

But we have the advantage, after all, we are the weaker sex. Sigh.


  1. Do you ever have anything pleasant to say (besides about yourself)????. Why don't you just do your job (apt cleaner and handyman) and stay out of their personal business. They pay rent and are entitled to privacy.Get some friends and a life (cuz it sounds like all you have is bldg. drama). I get the feeling your "Housemate" got stuck with you (betting no one else wanted you). Would love to see the tenants comments, you should invite them.

  2. Wow, sour grapes. The blog is ABOUT the drama. Since I live here, many tenants over the years have brought their drama into my home, endlessly. Read other apt manager's blog, the same stories are repeated, however IF you have really explored my blog you would have read about recipes, Hurricane Sandy, funny stories of when my computer crashed, humorous Christmas greetings, my dog and cat, and of course, Home Depot. BTW, the employees of Home Depot read my blog and love seeing their names there. As for my housemate, he is family and he had a good laugh over your comment. I also freelance as an editor and writer, so I have a full life. And if you are one of the tenants, feel free to move out.

  3. BTW the Business Manager and owners read this blog, they enjoy it!

  4. Fortunately we are all entitled to free speech so you both are on firm ground. But no apartment manager I ever knew waited around for me, let alone gave me a ride in the first place. Certainly not part of the rental agreement. The apartments seem to be filled with both biological adults and neurological adults....i.e. mature adults.

    Any person who can call a phone and say, "I'm done, and will be down shortly" can certainly phone with an update. If they were neurological adults, that is. This person, it would seem, is just biologically adult. But he or she does pay rent...and he/she is also is out of favors. Most friends would be by now, let alone your apartment manager.

    Fortunately the apartment manager seeks a calm respite in amusing us with her life...instead of taking it out on others, like biological adults would. Our lives are the richer for her stories.

  5. All I'm saying is the stories are very one sided (the prop mgr's) and negative (toward all the tenants. Let's here their side. You have nothing nice to say about anyone living there?? I found only 1 blog that did but in the end it was more self-praising. And I cant help but wonder why you complain about doing things for them, listening to them and everything you had to say, yet you keep going back for more. You don't behave like a super, you get involved, get personal then bitch about them. Can't stay out of their lives?? If it does not involve the property, the lease, what they do in the apts they pay for is none of your business.I suggested getting you own. And how obvious is your jealously when it come to the women in the bldg. Every one of your pages has green all over it. Before you come back telling all of us how hot you are, send a pic of yourself or you' ll just prove my point. God help your poor housemate

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  7. Hey Sour Grapes, first ‘here their side’ should be “HEAR their side,” obviously you need my proofreading services. I will quote you a good rate and even recommend a local tutor to help you improve your writing, however, methinks a good counseling center for your misplaced animosity would be well advised. Perhaps my post on “Difficult People” would enlighten you as to why I will begin removing your posts.
    Life is too short to waste my time, or my readers’ time, on your bitter tirades. You know the old saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Sour Grapes, go make some jelly.

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